My Journey Through African Heritage
by Alan Donovan

Hardcover - $110

Special Barkcloth Edition - 120$

"Book Of The Year!"
- Kenway Publications

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Africa. For nearly 40 years, I searched for the continent's beauty and
creativity, passing through the glorious sunrises and the magnificent
sunsets that encompass the splendour and the calamity of each
new day. To those outside its magnetic spell, Africa may seem
incomprehensible, fathomless, in the primordial past. Yet,
wherever we are in the world, everyone of us had an African
ancestor, that much is almost certain. Africa is the cradle
of humanity..... As a co-founder of African Heritage, the
continent's first Pan African Gallery, in Nairobi, Kenya, I
discovered Africa's rich legacy to the world's art..... I served
as a conduit and catalyst to reveal the awesome beauty of
Africa to its visitors and to others around the world.